Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a series of questions and answers to provide you with more information about our products. If you have a question that we have not addressed, please feel free to call us at: 1-800-721-4057.

Do your products contain any dairy products?
No. The Baker does not use any dairy products.

Do you use iodized salt or sea salt in your products?
The Baker only uses sea salt.

Where are the expiration dates located on your products?
The Baker puts the expiration dates on the clip that closes the package.

Who is responsible for The Baker's Kosher certification?
Rabbinical Council of New England; 177 Tremont St Fl 2; Boston, MA 02111-1020; (617)426-2139. 

Do you sell breadcrumbs?
At this point we do not retail our breadcrumbs. To make your own we suggest baking a couple slices of bread for 10 minutes at 250 degrees. Once cool, process and add spices.

Do The Baker's products freeze well?
Yes, all of The Baker's products freeze well. We recommend double bagging the bread for storage up to three months frozen for best quality.

Does The Baker have any yeast free products?
Yes, we have three varieties that are yeast free. They are European Style Organic Spelt, Four Grain, and Flaxseed.

Does The Baker have any wheat free products?
Yes, we have three flavors of Baker Organics that are wheat free. They are Spelt, Flaxseed, and Pumpernickel.

What is the shelf-life of The Baker's products?
The Baker's products have a shelf-life of eight days. The Baker's European Style Organic line of breads are best for 6 months unopened, and once they are opened it should be consumed in eight days.

Does The Baker use hydrogenated oil in their products?
No, we do not use hydrogenated oil in any of our products.